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Romance Gone Wild 2020-10-14

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Thank you for many of you who keep us going these past few days when the Romance Quickie and Romance Scavenger Hunt are being affected by Amazon’s rule… so before we go on to today’s newsletter, we would like to explain current situation more: Amazon monitors how many free books are being downloaded through our newsletters and we will need to keep the ratio of free vs paid book to below 80% (or not over 20,000 free downloads per month). We are at 96% for October (total free ebooks download this month is at 13,888 through this website, so we have done quite a lot already). The good things is that this counter will reset at the beginning of each month, so in November we should be fine again for us to show more free books to you. We are now testing how we can deliver more free romances to you without violating Amazon’s rule so we can keep this site alive. We promise to show only the best of the best romance in Romance Gone Wild. Please help click through the books so Amazon knows our readers are at least checking out these books, just that you aren’t interested to purchase. I am hoping this can bring up the percentage.

Answer for yesterday’s crossword puzzle:

  1. Violet
  2. Shamrock
  3. Quill
  4. Catch
  5. Montgomery

Found all the answers?

I will reveal answers in tomorrow’s post.


  1. In Lord of London Town, Arthur must protect _________.
  2. Bestselling Author Max Monroe is a pseudonym of how many authors?


  1. Arthur _________ is the new head of the most feared crime family in London in Lord of London Town.
  2. Single Dad Seeks Juliet is about the _________ Anonymous contest.
  3. The story of Asher is about traumatic _________ injuries. (hint: read the notes from author right after table of content in the preview of this book on Amazon).

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