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Romance Gone Wild 2020-10-15

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We will start our testing phase now to prepare for the next batch of Romance Quickies and Romance Scavenger Hunt! If you read through yesterday’s explanation then you will understand what we mean. You may read here if you just notice that there are no free books for a while.

We will try to wait for 2~3 days and observe the free books counter. Once we are sure it has stopped counting, we will bring out the Romance Quickies or Romance Scavenger Hunt to test our theory on how this works…

For the puzzle fans, here are the answers for yesterday’s crossword:

  1. Adley
  2. Bachelor
  3. Brain
  4. Cheska
  5. Two

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3. In Finding The Way Back, Charlie “______” Bennett traded medical school for the Navy.

5. Adriana went to a school of the ultra rich but she wasn’t, she got in with a ______.


1. Biker ______ Saint always thought he’d be a member of the Disciples MC.

2. The story Need You Now began with a tragedy caused by what animal?

4. The female lead in the story has a pet ______ (hint: a dog)

I will reveal answers in tomorrow’s post.

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