Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-07-03

Hey looks like system is functioning well so I will put in more content today. Let’s hope it will keep functioning.

Let’s start with Tara Brent’s Starting Over with You:

After my messy divorce I thought I’d never love again.
My priority was my little girl and I had a business to grow.
Until my sister’s best friend re-appears into my life and melts everything inside of me.

I never thought I’d ever want to start over after my messy divorce.
My cheating wife made me distrust all women.

Until Sarah Jacobs of course.
She used to babysit my daughter when she was a teenager.
She’s also my sister’s best friend.

When did that pimple-faced girl become so stunningly beautiful?
To say she took my breath away would be an understatement.

Just when I think we may have a chance at love,
her muscle sculptured ex-boyfriend is back on the scene,
sniffing for a second chance.

Now that I’ve had a taste of her, I won’t let her go.
I want the scent of her body close to me forever.
I’ll do whatever it takes to have my happy-ever-after with her.


I’ve enjoyed hot passion and wild nights with my best friend’s older brother.
It’s hard to believe that years ago I used to babysit his little girl.
Now, I’m enjoying romantic holidays that only the rich and wealthy can afford.

I’m trying to put the memories of my alpha soldier ex-boyfriend behind me.
Then he appears in my life, to protect me because someone has started sending me death threats.
My emotions are stirred, especially when he tells me he never stopped loving me.

The two men who are after my heart are worlds apart.
I must decide who I want and who to leave behind.