Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-07-13

Let’s start this week with an excellent selection of steamy sweet romance stories.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t think that anything would happen.

My first day home from college, and he comes into the house, he hugs me as if nothing has changed between us, and I feel my arms go around him. My hands are sweating. He’s all muscle, tanned, and his blue eyes make my heart skip a beat. How he looks at me — my brown eyes can’t let go of the contact.

“It’s been a while,” he whispers to me, holding me closer to him with that grin on his face. That boyish grin that I was sure I would never see again.

“It has. A few years.” I lick my lips and move away from him just as my brother comes into the dining room.

“Ready to go on that hike?” My brother Steven asks. Surely, he can see the look between me and Braydon. I mean, it’s right there in front of his face.

“Yea, yea.” Braydon runs a hand through his thin, blonde, frosted hair.

It’s then that I let myself go back to breathing.

How could it be that he’s the one who makes me weak in the knees? The one who makes my mind race?

On top of that, he’s my brother’s best frien


Enemies. Foes. Until one night changed them forever.

The small town of Severton doesn’t have many secrets. One of the few is exactly why Scott Maynard, bar owner and search and rescue hero, refuses to speak, acknowledge or even breathe the same air as Keren Leigh.

Keren has been Severton’s dentist for far too long and now she’s ready to move to the city, escaping the war with Scott and broadening her dating circle in the hope of a future that doesn’t just consist of evenings at home alone with a book, ancient pyjamas and a glass of wine.

All it takes is a one-night ceasefire for all of her plans and their decade-long feud to be stirred up. But they’re not the only ones to be shaken: Severton has acquired its own arsonist and other secrets are being exposed, leaving a completely different battle to be fought.