Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-07-27

Yesterday’s Romance Quickie was too meaty, so I think some fun and happiness will be awesome this week while I work with my IT boys on getting the e-mail setup correctly.

This collection is about Secret Affairs-Boy Toys- Bitter Ex-Wives and Jealous Lovers.

When Rosie Bennet turns sweet sixteen, her birthday party turns out to be an eventful celebration. Rosie is from a wealthy background and has lived a happy childhood. But, her family members all have their little skeletons in the cupboards.

Rosie’s parents are divorced. Her mother has arrived at the party a drunken mess and hanging on to her latest boy toy.
Her father, Brett Bennet, is a most handsome and eligible bachelor. That is until a blonde bombshell named Sarah comes to the party, and Brett finds his knees turning to jello.

Among the family members at the birthday celebration are Rosie’s father’s two cousins, Adam and Jason. Her most favorite people in the world! 

Movie star Adam Martinez is accompanied by his equally famous movie star mother, Tina. Adam’s glamorous life opens many doorways for him, making him ever popular with the ladies. Yet, he’s determined to stay single, as his mother did. Little does he know fate has other plans for him…

Then there’s Jason Miller. He attends the party with his partner, the beautiful Sophie. Whilst they fool their families that they’re an item. In reality, their sex lives are shocking, and not only with each other. They both love being wealthy, so their careers always come first. Wicked and wealthy, that’s their motto.