Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-07-31

Okay… I have got to work on the website more… but right now the system runs so well. My IT boys tell me it is a 96% mark on the Google’s page speed ranking, so that’s awesome. I think I will slowly add book by book just in case so you guys can enjoy the newsletter at blazing speed.

Common sense told me to stop,
To ignore the deadly threats,
And to save her life, risking my own in the process.
She thinks she’s invincible, that she can destroy the evil hunting her,
Consequences be damned.
But evil never dies.
It just transforms
And continues its quest
To the death.
I should have just left her that night.
I should have walked away and never looked back.
Loyalty forced my hand, putting everything at risk,
And I can’t save her or anyone else
Because the hunted is now me.