Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-08-14

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At the time we put this together, we have about at least 6 free steamy hot HEA romance stories, hopefully some will help fill up your e-readers!

I will be the first to say it, happily ever after is crap.
It doesn’t exist.
Love is a myth and I steer clear of stories.

Then, I met sinfully-handsome Chris.
Big flirt, huge… arms and a charismatic smile that made me weak at the knees.
I shouldn’t have run off with him.
I definitely shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.

For one short night, everything was perfect.
Love could have been real.
We could have been something great.
Then, we never saw each other again…

Fast forward a few years and I’m ready for a fresh start, a new life in the city.
It’s not just about me now, everything is about my daughter.
I am determined to make us a better life.

Chris popping up as my boss, was not part of the plan.
Our new office romance wasn’t part of it either.
He doesn’t know about our secret baby.
He doesn’t know that he crushed me before.
This time I’m falling again, with nothing to catch me.
Chris knows what to say, what to do, to make me need him again.

For once, I feel like ‘love’ could work.
We deserve a second chance.
Will the past ruin our future before we even get started?


Welcome to Pilgrim, Texas… home of women with curves and the men who can’t get enough of them!

Oliver March was a thorn in my side.

The man was determined to take down my Matchmaking Agency with his stupid blog.

But I wasn’t going down without a fight. I had a proposition for the enemy.

I bet the pompous jerk I could find him his perfect woman.

It was supposed to be simple. A few dates with gorgeous, accomplished women, one of whom he’d fall for and stop badmouthing my business.

But it all went sideways. My algorithm, or more likely, my nosey business partners, set us up.

We talked. We laughed.

We kissed.

We crossed so far over the line, it was invisible by the time I realized what I had done.

I’d gone and fallen for the enemy.