Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-08-21

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It has been a crazily busy week for us at Hot n Spicy. One is to try getting Romance Quickies (we call it RQ here) to go out daily to help bring you the best deals aka Free to fill your e-readers. If you haven’t already noticed, the non-free books are top-notch quality in the RQ as well because we all love reading the best steamy romance with that sweet HEA.

I just got the most amazing news. We’re having a baby.

I’m so sad, though not surprised, that some members of our coven are against us. They don’t want us to expand our family. I feel protective of our unborn child and all I want to do is hide away until the birth.

My dragons believe that the only way to keep me and our child safe is to leave. It’s hard to argue when so much turmoil engulfs us.

So much is going on in my life right now. Too much.

There’s more unrest. The witches seem to be taking directions from a bigger power than what resides within the coven castle walls.

The dragons – my dragons – are now more than any other living thing on the planet. I’m living in fear in spite of my growing powers. I’m coming to realize it’s possible that their biggest foe, Hellith, may not have been completely defeated.

Is our once idyllic life together over? And just when I need them most, could this new worry fracture our perfect family before our true calling begins?