Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-10-16

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Today we have 1 free! This will be a test just to see how Amazon will react, so please help play this scavenger hunt for me just so we can get a sense of how this works with Amazon’s free book download counter. By the way for those wait for Romance Gone Wild post’s answer here it is

  1. Mammoth
  2. Horse
  3. Knox
  4. Mastiff
  5. Scholarship

Now check out today’s featured stories by romance author Lauren Wood:

What do you do when you blurt out a lie to your boss about being engaged? Try to convince the guy you just met an hour ago to pretend to be your fiancé, of course.

I’m having a great day, complete with lunch in the park …
When I just so happen to meet Ben Wilder.
A super sexy billionaire, single dad to an adorable little girl.
I’m all smiles until I get back to the office …

My new client has some odd criteria.
They trust a married person with kids to handle the project.
AKA a parent. Which I very much am not.
But I just so happen to know someone who is … 

It was destiny I met Ben and his daughter that afternoon, right?
And it’s totally not a big deal that I kind of accidentally … 
blurted out to my boss that we’re engaged. Ooops.
It’s fine. I just have to convince Ben to go along with it … 
And hope he doesn’t think I’m a total psycho.

Surprisingly, he’s fine with pretending to be my fiancé. Imagine that!
Turns out the real problem is … He’s not really a single dad at all.
Or the sweet, charming, funny dream guy I thought he was when we met.
He’s an egotistical womanizer who lies about having a kid to pick up chicks.

But he’s willing to help, and without him, my career is screwed.
All we have to do is keep up his single dad lie and my fiancé lie.
The only thing making my head spin more than all those lies …
Is the rush I get every time he’s around,
And the memory of our sizzling accidental night in bed together.

Okay, so we slept together. Sure, maybe it complicates things a little … 
But it doesn’t change his annoyingly smug personality,
Or anything else I hate about him. Because I do hate him … Right?

We may keep falling into bed together, but we’re absolutely not falling in love … are we?

She’s sacred ground. My girl next door…

She’s a natural beauty, a good girl, with her pretty manners and refined interests. Your quintessential all-American girl.

I am the exception to her perfection.

The one black spot on her perfect record. The tatted-up, foul-mouthed bad boy neighbor from the rich family with a shady history. A lone wolf.

We grew up on neighboring properties—childhood friends strictly in the friend zone.

But my feelings for her are anything but friendly these days.

Pressure is mounting from her parents to follow their path. A path that doesn’t include me.

And skeletons are popping out of my family’s closet like ghosts escaping hell.

Will we be able to break free from our pasts and forge our future together? Or will our family expectations bury us beneath their weight?


Now you can find all previous posts HERE.