Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-10-26

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This is the last week of October! And this also means after this week, Amazon should reset their counter for free book download so we can start Romance Quickie. Do not forget when we have Romance Gone Wild again, you check out the books too as the system will keep track of the clicks to determine if someone is using the service. If not, the dumb AI of this new system will end up removing you from subscriber list. So even if you are not interested, just open the link will help ^_^ Yes we do all we can to do this for you for free!

Hint: sometimes I put the free ones in below with descriptions.

Regina: I was hired to be a nanny to Ryan Blythe’s children. The recently-divorced CEO has five kids and needed household help fast. But Mr. Blythe gets under my skin. He’s such a gorgeous a$$hole with those fierce blue eyes and knowing smirk. So why do I want to kiss that hard, demanding mouth?

Ryan: When the agency sent a nanny over, I expected someone homely and plain. I never expected to open the door to the sassy, curvy, and utterly beautiful Regina Frank. But one thing leads to another and soon, she’s not just my nanny … she’s getting a surprise and her belly will be big by the time we’re done


A second chance at love wasn’t in the cards for either of them…

Jason MacNamara abruptly left his promising career as a JAG officer when he comes home to discover his fiancé in bed with his partner. He needed to start over. He decides to relocate his life and career focus to sunny Miami. Sure it was a gamble, accepting a position with an investigation firm owned by an old Navy buddy. But when they land a high-profile case, Jason is determined to solve it, but when he meets his new partner, he realizes his past has caught up with him…and this time he might lose everything, including his heart.

When an old family friend, who happened to be a powerful corporate CEO needs help, Stella Graham reluctantly agrees to return to her Florida roots to help her father restore his private forensic accounting firm to its former glory. Solving this case is just the type of exposure she and her father need. It is the perfect opportunity to start over. Until she finds out she won’t be working alone… and her partner was Jason MacNamara, of all men. When he asks for forgiveness, Stella wants to give him another chance, but he wants more, he wants her heart. Was that more than she could give?


Now you can find all previous posts HERE.