Romance Scavenger Hunt

Romance Scavenger Hunt 2020-10-30

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A wolf shifter who wishes he was normal again. An independent bartender who won’t be hurt again. Emotions run deep and dark from their first meeting.

Trevor Washington has hit a rough spot. His unit is his first priority but he’s having trouble even being with them. When he shifts these days, it’s a violent transformation and he doesn’t like how that aggression bleeds into every part of his life. He doesn’t have a clue what to do about it.

Jane Strickland has shut herself away from any opportunity to get hurt. She’s done with shifters. In fact, she’s done with men. All of them. As a bartender at the rowdiest bar around, she can handle herself. The men who come in there make her sure swearing them off was and still is the right decision.

One night, Trevor’s in the bar and some of the regulars are harassing Jane. He steps up to help and she tells him off. Instead of arguing with her, he leaves. She feels oddly alone when the door closes behind him.

When he shows up on her porch injured and weak, her heart creaks open. She can’t just ignore him. She brings him in and cleans him up. What the two share as he recovers is wonderful and terribly frightening.

Is there any way a wounded shifter and a woman hurt by a shifter will ever find a way to trust? Can love blossom and finally flourish in chaos?


Now you can find all previous posts HERE.